Summer Letter

August 2019

Dear 4th Grader,

Hello! My name is Mrs. Williams, and I will be your fourth grade homeroom teacher. I certainly hope you are enjoying your summer!  Before you know it, it will be time to go back to school. I am writing this letter to welcome you to fourth grade and to give you some information that may help you prepare for the school year at BHIS.

As your homeroom teacher, I will be teaching you all subjects except for science this year.  Mrs. Acosta will be your science teacher. We work very well together and it will be easy transition to switching classes.

We will have a mid-morning snack time every day this year.  I encourage everyone to bring their own healthy snack each day.  Please try to avoid chips, cookies, candy, and other snacks of that sort (nothing greasy, sticky, too sugary, or messy).

The fourth grade team was asked to come up with a list of supplies for students. We suggested that each child come to school prepared with  6-10 glue sticks (they run out quickly, and we use them a lot!), colored pencils (erasable work best), scissors (student size), a sturdy pencil box, and earbuds for your laptop (the dollar store has these). You will also need three  book covers (these can be made with paper bags from the grocery store or you will need the jumbo size if getting the stretchy fabric ones). If you need help with supplies, please let me know. I have some extras.

Mr. Farina and Ms. Worman are scheduling a few different times for you to come in and locate our classroom and practice opening your locker.  I may not see you at locker practice, but feel free to walk into our classroom and take a look around!

Have a wonderful time during the remainder of your summer vacation.  I look forward to meeting you!


Your 4th grade teacher,

Mrs. Williams